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OPENING 16-06-2020

The Richter Fine Art Gallery inaugurates the new Summer season with an all-female double personal exhibition titled “Lovers After Life”, created by Katarina Janeckova e Jay Miriam.

The title of the exhibition focuses on the study and refinement of one’s own inner self, the fantasies, myths and imagination, viewed as an absolutely necessary and complementary addition to real life.

The exhibit speaks of lovers, real as well as surreal opportunities, situations we are not able to live nor experiment in the instant of them happening, but that we are really only able to fully create and experience inside our imagination and later transpose on the painted canvas.Lovers After Life tells the power of imagination and how it is able to transform even pain into a “inhabitable and veritable” dimension, in a way that is highly relevant to the period we are currently living in.

The work of Jay Miriam, United States’ painter class of ’90 evokes the celebration of death, the decomposition of the body, the nightmare obscured dreams that, somehow, make us feel at ease with their familiarity.

The artworks of Katarina Janeckova Walshe, on the other hand, are almost the opposite, while at the same time being strongly connected to Jay Miriam’s work and way of thinking. The birth, the rebirth, the anguish for the immense love and the mimicry of everyday life through the mind of a bear and an independent woman.

Both the artists create a poetic world in order to represent an emotion, an instance or a specific relationship, Katarina documents her life to such a degree that her artwork could be viewed as a personal diary’s entries. In parallel Jay Miriam paints everyday actions, daily routines extrapolating them from her own memory and interpreting them in a very personal manner.

Katarina Janeckova Walshe (Bratislava 1988).

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bratislava, was able to secure a distinguishable position between some of the best talents of her generation.

She was able to achieve such results not only thanks to her painting, typically relaxed and marked by a strong emotional expressivity, but especially thanks to the honesty through which she transposes her unconventional experiences. This fusion of peculiar experiences, events, felling, and thoughts give out a bright light and energy coming from her works.

Her main projects and exhibitions: No pain No gain, Flat gallery (Bratislava 2013), So Many Fish, So Little Time, SOGA, (Bratislava 2014), Bears, Catastrophes and other everyday events, NOVA Galerie, (Praga 2015), SALMON LOVERS, Galerie Wolfsen, (Aalborg 2015), HowTo Make a Bear Fall in Love, Studio D'Arte Raffaelli, (Trento 2016).

Prizes: Painting of the Year 2012, VUB Foundation Award, 3rd. place 2012

2nd place at Gruppo Euromobil Award / Premio Under 30, Arte Fiera Bologna 2017

2017, Collective exhibition, ComSurrogate, galleria Richter Fine Art.

2018 Untitled Art Fair, San Francisco, rappresentata dalla Allouche Gallery.

2018 Collective Exhibition, Redness, the Copper house gallery Dublin, Ireland.

2018 Chi cerca trova, Richter Fine Art, Roma

2019 Symbiosis, K-Space, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Group Shows:

2018 PAIRS, Rare Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2019 Animal Idealism, Harpy Gallery, New York

2019 PAINT, ALSO KNOWN AS BLOOD, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

Jay Miriam (New York, 1990).

Born in New York and brought up in Brooklyn, Miriam attained a BFA by the Carnegie Mellon University and an MFA by the New York Academy of Art.

Jay Miriam paints portraits of common people who act and live everyday lives.

People brushing their teeth, chatting or waiting at a bar, all actions particularly interesting for the artist. Actions that we carry out without really noticing, being so deep inside our daily routines.

Jay Miriam paints from memory; photographs, computers, nor projectors are part of her creative process. She draws from a memory or a reinterpreted tale.

Creating a poetic world in order to represent an emotion, an instance or a specific relationship. Each painting often requires many months up to a year so as to be completed.

Main personal exhibitions:

Fantasies in a Waking State, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam (2017); Catch the Heavenly Bodies, Half Gallery, New York,(2016); Blue Paintings of Women, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam (2014); Youth and Beauty Parade, Ornis A. Gallery, Amsterdam (2013), and JM, Cudowne Lata, Krakow, Poland (2011).

Main collective Exhibitions:

2020 Zwang / C.G.Boerner / New York 2019 3 Month Special / Brooklyn 2019 MESSHALL / New Release Gallery / New York; 2019 Encounters I / Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York 2018 REDNESSNESS / The Cooper House Gallery, Dublin; 2017 BiCoastal / Meyer Vogl Gallery / Charleston 2017 Hors d’oeuvre / Half Gallery / New York 2017 New York or Nowhere / Olsen Gallery / Sydney, Australia 2016 Salt Talk / AUTO BODY / Bellport, NY 2016 Beyond the Gaze / Garis and Hahn / New York 2016 MUTE [...] / Galerie COA / Montréal, Canada

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